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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Todays Featured Tutorial! --- My Easy Way to Piece a Quilt Block

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  1. I see alot of people struggling to piece 12" quilt blocks that have HSTs in them or triangles. I   realize not everyone is going to piece things the way I do. But I would like to share with you the way I do it. If it works for you then great! and if it doesn't thanks for looking!!

    I use this same method for most of my quilt blocks. It doesn't matter if you are making a 12" quilt block or a 6" quilt block the steps are the same.

    The problems I see coming up are sections are not square or they are 1" short or they are not fitting right for whatever reason. If you are trying to follow a complicated number of steps that can be so confusing.

    So let me show you how you can have sections or blocks that fit together right and will help you make this quilt block without any frustration. At least I hope it doesn't frustrate anyone!

    Beginners can do this. It isn't complicated if you know the tricks and the steps to make this quilt block.

    Take a deep breath and here we go!!

    First I want to show you the progression of how the quilt block comes together. Then I will break it down into 4 patches and a 9 patch.

    Best of All Quilt Block
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    The Layout of all the "Blocks" or units
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    4 patches sewn together
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    The 4 patches sewn into rows
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    The two top rows sewn together
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    Add the third row to the first two rows
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    Now it is all sewn together into the quilt block!
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  2. Okay now let's talk about the HSTS and the Boston Blocks I use to make this Quilt Block.

    I use what I call my cut down method which means you sew pieces of fabric together and then you cut out a square from the center with a template.

    You will need a 2 1/2" template to make a 12" quilt block.

    If you don't have one I can send you a free one. Just let me know by email or by pm. My email is

    Ok you will need:

    8 red/green Half Square Triangle blocks
    8 blue/green Half Square Triangle blocks
    8 Boston Blocks
    4 red blocks for the center or fussy cut a square the same size as one 4 patch.

    First let's address the Half Square Triangles

    I cut two strips and sew them together. Then I iron the seam open and lay it face up on a cutting board. Using your template lay it on the fabric so that two opposite corners lay on the seam.
    Cut out around the template and don't let the template move. The more attention you pay to this step the more accurate your square will be and the less frustration you will have. LOL

    Continue to move the template up the strips and continue to cut out HSTs. After you have cut out all you have room for you can pull apart the strips and sew them together on the other side and continue to cut out HSTs.

    Now that wasn't hard was it??

    Two strips sewn together
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    Lay the template on the seam and cut out a square with a template
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    Cut around the template carefully so your template doesn't move
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    HST block
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    Move the template up and keep on cutting out HSTs
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    HSTs cut out
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    Pull the strips apart and sew together and keep on cutting out HSTs
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  3. Ok now let's do the Boston Blocks.

    These will use 3 pieces of fabric. I measure from the center of the template to the corner and add 1/2" for two seam allowances.

    So for a 2 1/2" template you need

    2 1/2" square of Green
    2 1/2" square of Blue
    4" x 2 1/2" rectangle for the bottom part.
    You can use a triangle with a 4" base if you want to cut back on fabric.

    I recycle any leftovers so I don't have much waste.

    You will need 8 of these Bostons - These are not hard to make!!

    You will need to make 4 of these with the blue on the right and the other 4 the blue needs to be on the left so you end up with mirror images!! This is extremely important for this quilt block. It will vary depending on the quilt block you choose to make.

    The Boston Block
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    This is what you are aiming for
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    The three fabrics laid out
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    Sew the two top fabric pieces together Then trim a straight edge on the bottom.
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    Cut out the center with the 2 1/2" template.
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    And you have a Boston Block!! Easy huh?
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    Sew the 4" red strips on the bottom
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  4. Ok We are done making the HSTs and the Bostons.

    You should have:

    8 - green/red HSTs
    8 - green/blue HSTs
    8 - Bostons
    And you need either 4 red 2 1/2" squares or a fussy cut square the same size as the 4 patches. should be 4 1/2" square

    Now let's make 4 patches. We are going to make:

    4 - Corner 4 patches
    4 - Middle 4 patches
    and 1 center block

    Following along so far? If not send me a pm or email and I will be glad to help.

    Here is the Corner 4 Patches

    Remember you need 4 of these corner sections

    4 blocks laid out
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    Top row
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    Bottom row
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    4 Patch sewn together
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  5. Now we are ready for the middle 4 patches. They go together just as easy as the above 4 patches.

    The only caution is to pay attention that the corners where the seam comes to the point makes sure the seams meet and aren't off. This will make a clean match or a crummy match. If you find your blocks don't come out right this is what I check on.

    You need to make 4 of these middle sections

    Top row laid out
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    Top row sewn
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    Bottom row Bostons laid out
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    Bottom row sewn
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    Top and bottom sewn
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  6. Ok now we need to sew the 4 patches into rows. If you look above where we started. You will see the 4 patches all laid out.
    They are now in a 9 patch configuration.

    So all you have to do is sew them into rows and then sew the rows together into the quilt block.

    The three rows sewn
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    The top two rows sewn together
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    Top row laid out
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    Middle row laid out
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    Bottom row laid out. Notice it is the same as the top row just upside down
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    All three rows sewn together and you have a completed quilt block!!
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