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Friday, October 5, 2012

Today's Featured Tutorial -- Boston Block Hotpad Lesson 2

Today we are going to assemble the Quilt Block Top for your hotpad.

In the last lesson you learned to make my Boston Blocks.

Now you need to cut the plain blocks:

1 med 2 1/2" square

4 light 2 1/2" squares

Here is the layout for the Boston Star Quilt Block:

Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 005.JPG
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You can sew them into rows and then sew the rows together if you like.

But I like to sew them into sets of 2 and then assemble the sections.

Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 006.JPG
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Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 007.JPG
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Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 008.JPG
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My unfinished quilt block is 6 1/2"

Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 014.JPG
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When I sew seams together I like to use a tack.

This is just a stitch across where the seams meet.
I think it is more secure than pins.

Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 010.JPG
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When you have your quilt block assembled

You can stop there if you like the size or
You can add borders to make the quilt block larger and
to give it a finished look.

I cut my borders abit larger than I think I need.

Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 015.JPG
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Then I cut down to the size I want.

I use a 6 1/2" quilt block and then I add
borders to get to 8 1/2" unfinished size.

Name:  Boston Block Hotpad tutorial 016.JPG
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Here are some ideas for quilt blocks using my Boston Block shortcut.

I usually design using 6 blocks across by 6 rows or 36 blocks.
To get the 6 1/2" size I use a 1 1/2" template.

If you like the designs but don't want to use a 1 1/2" template you can use a 2 1/2" template and make the quilt blocks 12 1/2" for a quilt. Or use them to make a tote bag or pillow etc.

You can use any size template and make a larger quilt block if you like. It is all up to you!

This is one of my original designs


Name:  Bridget w 2.jpg
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Name:  Bridget - layout.jpg
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If you look at the layout this quilt block is made with Bostons and HSTs
Easy to do but looks complicated.

To see more of them check out this thread:

Rhonda's Sampler Quilt Along - Boston Blocks

You also can use the Boston Block to make some traditional quilt blocks.

Here is my version of a Card Trick quilt block made with my Bostons
Rhonda's Version of Card Trick Quilt Block

The cut down method allows you to make intricate looking quilt blocks with easy steps!!

Once you know the trick you can see it isn't hard to make at all. They just look hard!!

Hope you enjoy the process!! Rhonda

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